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      BASED IN            SAN FRANCISCO

Cover image of Hack aTack, board game designed by Shreya Saraf

HACK A:TACK- a board game designed to encourage responsible online behavior in teens

Game Design, Interaction Design, UX

Cover image for Indira IVF website, work by Shreya Saraf for VMLY&R

INDIRA IVF - Website redesign for India's largest IVF Clinic as a UX Designer at VMLY&R

Research, Strategy, UX

Cover image for Kai, project by Shreya Saraf

KAI - an AI powered assistant to enhance education for the future generation

* Work in Progress *

Strategy, UX, UI

Work done for global clients as a UX Designer at VMLY&R

With almost 2 years of experience as a UX Designer at VMLY&R, I bring to the table passion, curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for learning; backed with fresh ideas and perspectives which help take each project one step further. Projects worked on with global clients are a testament to my work ethic.

Cover image for Colgate website, work by Shreya Saraf for VMLY&R

COLGATE - Designing the website for the CSR wing of Colgate India

Research, UX, Component for design systems

Cover image for Jockey website, work by Shreya Saraf for VMLY&R

JOCKEY - Designing the microsites for a leading global undergarment brand

Research, Strategy, UX

Constantly exploring while on the lookout for my next design challenge 

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