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Hello! I'm Shreya,

A problem solver with a passion to improve the world, one design challenge at a time. With a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking, I take on challenges with enthusiasm and determination. 


Design research

Information architecture

User flows & Journey Maps

Paper Prototyping


Design Systems




Time management


As a research driven designer, I believe in the power of creativity to transform people's experiences and surroundings. My goal is to use data, technology and empathy to create designs that enhance interactions and bring joy to users. I approach my work with open-mindedness, compassion and effective communication, always striving to learn and improve. As a student of design, I am driven by my passion and a relentless curiosity that keeps me at the forefront of my field.

My skills have been backed with almost 2 years of work experience as a UX Designer at VMLY&R (a WPP subsidiary), Mumbai, India.

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I love volunteering and have worked with NGOs to support causes I believe in. At Raah Foundation (Mumbai, India), I created a fundraising campaign to support rural women's small businesses to be able to provide for their families. During my time as a student at CCA, I worked with Purpose Project to enhance their community outreach program for the youth. Currently I’m encouraging more diversity in the creative industry as a Chapter Lead for Ladies, Wine & Design SF.


From a young age, I've always been drawn to racing. One of my earliest memories of F1 is when I was just 7 years old, sitting in a sports cafe with my parents and cheering on Ferrari while snacking on some fries. As I've grown older, my enthusiasm for F1 has only increased. I have a particular admiration for RedBull Racing and think they deserve the recent victories they've achieved (though Checo deserves better).

Formula 1

I thoroughly enjoy fantasizing about a quiet retreat to a small BnB in the outskirts of the city. I would love to spend my days wandering the town, exploring local shops and restaurants, and taking in the sights and sounds of the area. In the evenings, I would snuggle in with a bowl of pasta and a slice of cake; enjoying the tranquility of the cozy BnB while jamming on some songs by Sasha Sloan

My ideal holiday

Things on my mind

A sneak peek into my life beyond design

My travel adventures

Secret gems from my kitchen

Whispers from the sky

Constantly exploring while on the lookout for my next design challenge 

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