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Role - Strategy, UX, UI
Timeline - 4 months

Team - Sonali, Chandana, Juanita, Shreya

Mentor- Nathan Shedroff

An AI powered assistant to enhance education for the future generation

* Work in progress *

In today's fast-paced world, the rapid advancements in AI have sparked apprehensions about the future of work. As the children of today grow up to become tomorrow's workforce, it becomes imperative to equip them with the skills necessary to thrive in an evolving job market. KAI is a versatile addition to any school curriculum which focuses on developing the 4Cs in children while actively involving parents and teachers.


Educational curriculums as we know it often discourage the use of new tools, simply because the learning goals do not support it. Thus there is a gap between what children are learning and what they are practicing.


How might we create an interactive learning experience which 
caters to individual learning styles and needs; while fostering communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration among children.

The Journey

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Primary Research

Secondary Research

Trend mapping

Stakeholder & Value map

Experience Waveline


Scenario Mapping

Character Design

Visual Design


Responses from 32 informal interviews led to us exploring the Future of Education...

What are some essential 'human' skills?


Being able to share thoughts and understand each other

Critical Thinking

Being able to analyze and take informed decisions

Creative Thinking

Being innovative and imaginative


Being able to work well with others 

According to a report by the World Economic Forum


New jobs will be created by 2025 because of AI


Jobs will be replaced by machines with AI by 2025

So we asked the experts...

"How might we future-proof?"

“I’m not scared of being replaced by AI, I’m SCARED OF BEING OBSOLETE and not being able to have conversations or use AI tools for my work”

“Each wave of technology has PEOPLE WHO ARE AGAINST IT and don’t want to support it, even calculators did. Doesn’t mean we stop using it”

“How do we predict what CURRICULUM should be taught keeping in mind rapid advancements”

“Education is something that should LEAVE SOMETHING TANGIBLE over the years even when school is finished”


Middle school students, parents, and teachers


Formative years of children while in the phase of K-12


Introduce the 4Cs to help them future proof


Web based platform- tablet for students, phone for parents, laptop for teachers


Assist school students, parents, and teachers in various academic tasks


Using NLP and ML algorithms with conversational UI, as an addition to the existing curriculum

Say hi to KAI!

Each student can customize the look and feel of their own Kai, making it extremely personal and relatable to them.

"The children of today are the workforce of tomorrow"

So there is a need to create a learning experience that helps them focus and build on the 4Cs- skills that most industries prioritize.

Our Strategy

Assist, don't replace

Focusing on the Socratic learning principles

Co-creating with AI

Thinking of AI as a tool rather than a competitor

Spiral development

Re-introducing concepts periodically

Focus on emotion

Encourage inspiration from the environment

Hands-on learning

Encouraging kids to learn by doing

The Goldilocks zone

Neither too less nor too much challenge

Who are the people most involved in this?

Built not just for students, but also for parents and teachers

The AI assistant should be
FRIENDLY for kids
RESPECTFUL for teachers
REASSURING for parents

Student, Parent, Teacher and KAI

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This project is still a work in progress...

To know more, reach out!

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