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Role - Research, Strategy, UX
Collaborated with - UI and Dev team

Client - Jockey Man , Jockey Woman

Work done as UX Designer while at VMLY&R

Designing the microsite for a personalized experience

Jockey is a global inner-wear brand which has a huge presence in the Indian market. The idea was to introduce individual micro-sites for the men’s and women’s sections in order to launch new product varieties, educate customers about the different products and provide a different experience for each set of audience.



An interactive, educative and personalized microsite to get users to learn about Jockey products.

Create a microsite which educates the user about the different product types and materials that Jockey offers.

The Journey

Quick research


User flows




User Journey mapped through Wireframes

Notable Changes


Through our research, we discovered that the majority of women wear ill-fitting bras, which can lead to posture problems. Additionally, there is a lack of general awareness about different types of bras and their uses. To address this, we created an interactive personalization tool that recommends products based on the user's needs, in order to better educate them about the different product types available.


To enhance the user experience and highlight the quality of the product, we incorporated subtle micro-interactions throughout the microsite. This, coupled with high-resolution videos, resulted in a more enjoyable browsing experience on the site.


From creating the Jockey microsite, I learned the power of personalization in promoting product discoverability. We broke away from a design system to make something unique yet fitting, and prioritized a welcoming environment and sensitivity to address sensitive topics. This project emphasized the need to balance user needs and design constraints while maintaining brand consistency.

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