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How does it work?

  • 3D printed base

  • Arduino boards motors and sensors to make the plant bend

  • An OpenCV library to help detect the posture

  • A little bit of magic (*wink*)

Physical prototypying

Team: Charmin, Juanita, Shreya  |  Mentor: Matt Visco

Introducing Planty!

Take care of your plant by taking care of your posture.

Most of us are guilty of having really bad posture while sitting at our desk. Planty is an ambient technology based plant that subtly reminds you to sit up straight.

Use the slider to interact and see information about the planets!

There is something about the duality of simple and complex in a Dandelion that fascinates me. This was my attempt at recreating that with code.

Creative coding

Individual Experiments  |  Mentor: Matt Visco

Experimenting with mediums

Individual experiments

I rely on experimentation and exploration as a source of inspiration

Gender Based Violence is a major public health issue with devastating consequences. Rooted in social norms, religion, and culture, it perpetuates gender inequality, making it the lowermost layer of our societal "iceberg." Understanding these underlying issues is crucial to combat this systemic problem. We tried to map this complex system in a simplified way to help understand it better.

Mapping complex systems

Team: Preet, Shreya, Sonali  |  Mentor: Dasami Moodley

The United Nations has multiple frameworks in place to try and combat gender based violence. Using this as the base, we added in our ideas and charted a plan to implement the framework over a period of time.

Magazine layouts

Individual Experiments 

Experimenting with images and type layout for a double spread in a travel magazine.

A double spread magazine layout based on the principles of the Futurism movement.

Find more fun projects on my Behance page !

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