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Role - Research, UX, Component design

Collaborated with - UI and Dev team

Client - Colgate, India

Work done as UX Designer while at VMLY&R

Website design for the CSR branch of Colgate India

Colgate India's CSR activities are encapsulated in the (translated) tagline "Begin your journey with a smile". This comprises of sharing inspirational stories, granting scholarships to children and community outreach initiatives. The redesign project aimed to develop a page that smoothly integrates these elements while staying true to the Colgate brand identity.



New, scalable component introduced for the sub-site, keeping in mind future use.

Use the existing design system and create a sub-site to highlight CSR initiatives by Colgate India.

The Journey

Design system review

User flow

Picking components


New component design


* Research work is NDA protected

User journey mapped with wireframes

Notable Changes

New Component Designed

The campaign emphasized real-life stories of individuals impacted and supported by Colgate, who made positive changes in their communities. During wireframe development and component selection, we found that the design system lacked an effective component to showcase these inspiring stories. Thus, we designed one that is scalable and flexible to accommodate future content using the same layout. This approach ensures the design system adapts to the evolving campaign needs and highlighted stories.


Working with a complex design system was a new challenge for me as a UX designer. Communicating the need for a new component to the client was challenging, but with the support of the UI and Colgate CSR teams, we created a new component that is now part of Colgate's design library. Pitching the idea and building a strong case for it was a valuable learning experience.

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